Recently (2014-2015) the South African postal service has deteriorated considerably. There is now a desperate need for an alternative service for international mail and parcel deliveries.

Even though the postal service is still functional, there is a constant threat of a "Go Slow" or a "Strike". No business can use a partner like this while trying to provide a satisfactory service to its clients.

DHL Global Mail provides a postal service for international mail and small parcels at prices comparable to the postal service.

DHL Global Mail Restrictions and Exclusions

Non document dutiable items have a maximum value of R 180 per item.
No dangerous or hazardous material including shipments packed in Limited or Excepted Quantities.
No Blood samples and Lithium Batteries.
No live animals including insects and fish larvae.
No human ashes.
No currency,bullion or activated credit cards.

Please note that live plants (unlike their direct delivery service) is not included in the list. Hopefully this is not accidentally omitted and it therefore does present the opportunity to send live plants.

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