Recently (2014-2015) the South African postal service has deteriorated considerably. There is now a desperate need for an alternative service for international mail and parcel deliveries.

Even though the postal service is still functional, there is a constant threat of a "Go Slow" or a "Strike". No business can use a partner like this while trying to provide a satisfactory service to its clients.

DHL Global Mail provides a postal service for international mail and small parcels at prices comparable to the postal service.

DHL Global Mail tracking, Insurance and Registration.

There is tracking up to Singapore.

There will be only one tracking number regardless of the number of parcels posted. E.g. if 5 parcels are posted, all 5 are put into one bag and all 5 will have the same tracking number up until Johannesburg. The same bag will go by air to Singapore and from there the bag gets opened and parcels distributed to different postal authorities. No tracking after the distribution point at Singapore.

The tracking will state that the parcel has been delivered in Singapore. That only means that it has been handed over to the post at that point and DHL has no further involvement from there. The parcel will now continue to the destination country by post. Post will take it through customs of the destination country.

No insurance provided by DHL.

Izimakana Industries will provide private insurance at 3% of the value of the order. This insurance will cover damage. This insurance however does not cover damage due to frost. Neither does it cover non-delivery or problems due to lack of certificates.  Pictures of damage must be provided by the client.

Insurance is for the value of the content alone - not the value of shipping

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