Recently (2014-2015) the South African postal service has deteriorated considerably. There is now a desperate need for an alternative service for international mail and parcel deliveries.

Even though the postal service is still functional, there is a constant threat of a "Go Slow" or a "Strike". No business can use a partner like this while trying to provide a satisfactory service to its clients.

DHL Global Mail provides a postal service for international mail and small parcels at prices comparable to the postal service.

Hoe does DHL Global Mail work ?

DHL Global Mail is an international service that provides one standard service worldwide for small postal items. I shall however discuss it from a South African perspective.

Parcels or mail are handed in at your nearest PostNet branch. It is perhaps possible to hand it in at a DHL branch, but I have no certainty of this.

The parcels or mail are then transported by DHL to the IMPC branch in Singapore. From there it gets transferred to the postal service of the destination countries. So in fact they land in the normal post office of the destination countries. DHL does not forward it through customs, this is done by the postal service.

Final delivery is by the postal service.

PS. I have found that at times that the distribution also can happen in different countries e.g. Canada, so the shipment does not necessarily  go via Singapore.

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