Recently (2014-2015) the South African postal service has deteriorated considerably. There is now a desperate need for an alternative service for international mail and parcel deliveries.

Even though the postal service is still functional, there is a constant threat of a "Go Slow" or a "Strike". No business can use a partner like this while trying to provide a satisfactory service to its clients.

DHL Global Mail provides a postal service for international mail and small parcels at prices comparable to the postal service.

How long does DHL Global Mail take to deliver ?

The transit time varies. Parcels have arrived in the US in as quickly as 8 days, but this is probably exceptional. Mostly it seems to take 16 to 20 days to China and other countries. I shall give more info as it becomes available.

The actions of DHL are normally quite fast and the parcels get delivered to the post in Singapore within a few days. Thereafter it is in the hands of the normal postal service - and there is no way to find out exactly what happens. This same situation also applies to normal post.

In a sense the whole process is similar to normal post: Instead of the parcel being posted in South Africa, it now gets posted in Singapore. 

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    How long does DHL Global Mail take to deliver